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The GivingWay Ambassador Program


The GivingWay Ambassador Program was developed to connect young activists with grassroots level nonprofits across Africa, Latin America & Asia that need help realizing their missions.


Unlike many big charities in the US, nonprofit organizations in Developing Countries aren't connected to international funding sources and struggle every day to keep their missions alive.


One of their biggest challenges is that they lack connections to a global network of supporters that can fund their projects - and this is where you come in to make a real impact.

What do ambassadors do?

The GivingWay Ambassadors are on a mission to do good by empowering nonprofits on the ground. GivingWay ambassadors choose causes they are passionate about and then spread their message by engaging continuously and beneficially with their own local community. 

Ambassadors help the nonprofits by:

  • Getting more exposure and awareness for their cause.

  • Growing the nonprofit's global network and community of supporters.

  • Raising money.

How does this work?
  1. Choose a cause you care about

  2. Select a campaign to support

  3. Create a fundraiser for the campaign

  4. Promote your fundraiser, raise awareness & funds, and help wonderful dreams come to life!


You can easily contact the nonprofit to learn more about it and see how your skills can further support its needs.

Common Questions

Ready to start making an impact in the world?

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