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Along with the meaningful social impact you create, being a GivingWay Ambassador has its benefits :)


College admission officers and employers want to know who you are and what you do in your spare time. Volunteering experience is known to be a huge advantage. GivingWay Ambassadors get an extra edge that will make them stand out when applying for college or for a new job!

Certificate of Appreciation

GivingWay offers its ambassadors an official certificate of appreciation detailing their activities and achievements.  

Recommendation Letter

GivingWay gives its eligible ambassadors* a formal letter of recommendation validating their efforts, skills and performance.

Thank You Letters

Ambassadors receive Thank You letters from the nonprofits they help, showing their appreciation and the impact they had. 

Online Recognition

Eligible ambassadors* will be showcased on GivingWay's Ambassador webpage, including their name, photo and bio.


GivingWay values its ambassadors by investing back in their education. GivingWay Ambassadors can earn education scholarships by achieving great results on their fundraising campaigns as well as in sweepstake prizes. Best part? No essays, applications or GPA requirements needed!


Twice a year, 2 ambassadors will receive scholarships! One ambassador will receive a scholarship for achieving the most impact and the second will be chosen randomly in a sweepstake raffle.

*Eligible ambassadors for a recommendation letter and online recognition in GivingWay’s website are those who have raised at least $250 in one or more fundraisers for a GivingWay nonprofit.

Ready to start making an impact in the world?

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