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  1. Choose a campaign to support

  2. Create a fundraiser for the campaign

  3. Promote your fundraiser, raise awareness & funds, and help wonderful dreams come to life!


You can easily contact the nonprofit to learn more about it and see how your skills can further support its needs.

Community Carbon Trees

Community Carbon Trees

Costa Rica

Sponsor rainforest trees for future generations and
help combat climate change.

Justice Tourism Foundation

Justice Tourism Foundation


Deliver educational projects, access to sustainable clean, safe water & sanitation services, healthcare initiatives and conservation activities.




Planting Trees; Our best defense against Climate Change. Support environmental sustainability.

Loliondo Actions for Green Earth

Loliondo Actions for Green Earth


One Student One Tree campaign is a tree planting project that aims to plant 50,000 trees in Ngorongoro district, Tanzania.

IPBio Research Institute

IPBio Research Institute


IPBio is searching for new mushroom species, growing and researching them.


All organizations working with GivingWay are vetted as registered nonprofits in their local country.

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Real Impact

Help nonprofits in Developing Countries and make a real impact where needed the most.

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